In any situation, bringing a child into the world is a journey. Adoption, surrogacy, foster to adopt, or egg/sperm donation each bring a nuanced set of circumstances for all involved. The Adoption Tree is a group of experienced birth and postpartum doulas and other birth professionals who are specifically trained in assisting alternative family building birth experiences. We are passionate about facilitating open communication, bringing better birth outcomes, promoting long-term mental and emotional wellness, advocating for birth and adoptive families’ wishes, and engendering healthy postpartum periods. We believe that doula support is an integral part of the success of this experience as a whole, so that the child, and all parents in these unique birth situations, may flourish with doula care.

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Meet The Doulas

All birth professionals (birth and postpartum doulas, lactation experts, birth photographers, body workers, etc.) have participated in our alternative family building training and mentoring program

Meredith McCollum
Meredith McCollumManaging Director and Co-Founder
Meredith McCollum, CD/PCD(DONA), CBE is a birth and postpartum doula with Doulas of North America and a childbirth educator with Los Angeles Birth Partners. She has attended births of every kind all over Los Angeles for the past five years. Her support of alternative family building births began through her volunteer work with the Claris Health Pregnancy Clinics. The difficult experience of one birth mother in particular touched her heart and she has been honored to provide adoptive birth support to all members of the triad ever since. As a doula and mother of four, Meredith is deeply passionate about creating the foundation for positive experiences for each child and parent who is a part of alternative family building beginnings. She is also excited to share her knowledge and experience by equipping other birth professionals in an effort to create positive narratives from the beginning for every type of family.
Cheryl K. Baker
Cheryl K. BakerCo-Founder
Cheryl K. Baker is the Founder and Director of Los Angeles Birth Partners Childbirth Education Center located in Santa Monica, Ca. and Co-Founder of The Adoption Tree in Los Angeles, Ca. She has dedicated her life to working with families during the prenatal as well as post partum period.

She has been Certified as a Childbirth Educator, trained in The Bradley Method; a Labor Doula, certified through DONA and the American Academy of Husband-Coached Childbirth; and a Certified Lactation Educator, certified through UCLA and La Leche League International. In her over 37 years of experience, she has attended over 1000 births both at home, birthing centers and hospitals. Her ability to support and guide women through this profound experience has earned her the joy of watching these new lives unfold.

Her passion and experience working with alternative family building has helped with the transition from pregnancy to the birth and beyond. This experience and her gentle approach has been extremely valuable to all people involved in the process. She has worked with Adoption Agencies to educate and prepare not only the birthing mother but also the new intended family. Cheryl looks forward to educate, support and guide you in any way she can.

Khefri Riley
Khefri Riley Co-Founder
Khefri Riley CLEC, CD, CPYT is a Childbirth and Prenatal Yoga Specialist. She brings over 14 years experience as a Certified Lactation Educator Counselor, Birth and Post-partum Doula, Newborn Care and Childbirth Educator. Her foray into the world of babies and families has it’s inspiration from her paternal great-grandmother, a renowned Cherokee midwife. In addition to being a mother to 15 year old son Zen, Khefri has her Pre-Natal Yoga Certification from Golden Bridge Yoga, Certified Itsy Bitsy Yoga Facilitator, Certified Yoga Ed. Instructor, trained miniyogis teacher, and is a trained Doula with D.O.N.A (Doulas of North America). Her yoga classes have been featured in People Magazine, NBC and on Fox Ch. 11 News. Khefri has attended over 200 births and has taught thousands of mothers, fathers, and babies the joys of new motherhood and yoga. As a facilitator of parenting, yoga and arts based curriculums for kids, teens, and at-risk youth, she has touched the lives of thousands of children. In turn she has found that it is the children that keep safe human kind’s greatest values. Sharing her multi-disciplinary knowledge with others, she leads large group trainings for parents, teachers, healthcare professionals and educators. She is Founder of Urban Goddess Lifestyle in addition to being Postpartum Director and Birth Partner Doula of Los Angeles Birth Partners.

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